10 reasons why you should choose us to help you improve profitabilty

The on-going success of your Firm is special to you. We understand and recognise this. Our in-house ‘Profit Improvement’ CPD Courses are unique because:

  1. Our in-house courses are custom-built to meet your particular needs, our experience is that ‘one-size-fits-all’ training is rarely effective

  2. We include a design meeting before each course so we can reflect your firm’s situation and specific policy decisions in the training content

  3. We include a free post-course meeting to help clients to agree and then implement their chosen profit improvement actions

  4. We perform ‘Mystery Shopping’ (with prior agreement) before the course so we can  give feedback on how your firm appears to a prospective client

  5. We include practical sessions such as role playing to help your team to adopt new approaches and techniques

  6. Our training is very interactive and designed to enhance people’s behaviour in order to improve their and the Firm’s profitability

  7. Actions which we recommend rarely cost money to implement and even if they do, the costs will be recouped many times over in increased profitability

  8. Your investment in our training is recouped repeatedly through the generation of on-going profit improvement

  9. Traditional legal-process training may be selected on price but investing in ‘soft skills’ training is invaluable and requires a completely different approach

  10. We only work with one firm in any geographical area as it would be inappropriate to dilute the value our clients get by sharing it with other local competitors