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7 proven ways to increase your Firm’s Profitability and reduce risk

Managing Partners and COLPs:  7 proven ways to increase your Firm’s Profitability and reduce risk A new half-day CPD Course Law Firms are always under pressure from the SRA and their Bank to improve profitability without reducing the quality of their service thus risking Compliance breaches. We have designed this special Course to help you to solve this conundrum – and sleep better at night. Profit-Improvement specialists, Legal Mentors, has teamed up with Legal Eye, the country’s... [Read more]

10 reasons why you should choose us to help you improve profitabilty

The on-going success of your Firm is special to you. We understand and recognise this. Our in-house ‘Profit Improvement’ CPD Courses are unique because: Our in-house courses are custom-built to meet your particular needs, our experience is that ‘one-size-fits-all’ training is rarely effective We include a design meeting before each course so we can reflect your firm’s situation and specific policy decisions in the training content We include a free post-course meeting to help... [Read more]

Spend £42 and save £000s every year – buy a Dragon

Guest Blog – Tim Bishop reveals how he has made the most out of voice recognition software Tim is senior partner of law firm, Bonallack and Bishop, who also run a number of specialised websites, including http://www.the-divorce-solicitors.co.uk   and   http://www.themedicalnegligencesolicitor.co.uk Why don’t all lawyers use Dragon voice-activated software? I have simply no idea. Technology is developing at a more rapid pace than ever. Just think back 20 years when smart phones didn’t exist,... [Read more]

How to have more control over your destiny in 2015

Free, brief, practical tips for Solicitors How to Increase your Firm’s Profits Today’s ‘One Minute Tip’:  How Planning can help you to make 2015 a more profitable year   Happy New Year A new year, a new opportunity –  although none of us really knows what the next 12 months will bring. Have you noticed that people who have a clear idea of what they want to achieve in life are more likely to succeed? Equally, Partners in Law Firms with a clear strategy feel... [Read more]

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