Case Studies

How we have helped improve morale, fee-earning and a feeling of clear direction in Solicitors’ firms.

Massive Increase in Profits

MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT IN PROFIT As a result of working initially with the Conveyancing team at a London-based law firm, specialist advisers Legal Mentors was asked to conduct a ‘mystery shopping’ exercise across all other departments. The Managing Partner was concerned that the firm was... [Read more]

Seven Proven Steps to Improving Profits from Conveyancing

Solicitors have rarely been trained in the dark art of selling and ‘selling’ is too often regarded as a dirty word by solicitors and their staff. However, we are running a business and businesses can loosely be defined as ‘selling stuff for money profitably’. Sales are essential... [Read more]

Case Study 7

A long-established two-office firm was suddenly confronted with a succession issue. Of the three Partners, one had announced that they would be retiring at the end of the firm’s trading year in approximately eighteen months time and then unexpectedly another Partner advised that they too wished to... [Read more]

Case Study 6

A large firm with over a dozen partners had spent more than a year trying to produce a Strategic Plan for the business. The problem was that there was no real decision making process and every partner wished to have their own opinion accepted and often dismissed others. With six departments they were... [Read more]

Case Study 5

As a result of feedback we gave to the Partners at a 25 member firm about how they handled in-coming calls, we ran two half-day sessions to discuss various aspects of converting more enquiries into fee-paying business, improving client service, cross-selling and improving overall revenues. One of the... [Read more]

Case Study 4

A 90 staff, 3 office firm wanted to improve staff morale and cross-selling. We ran an afternoon workshop with everyone to discuss the issues and help the staff  to make some recommendations they would be happy with. After an initial talk about what was happening in the legal market, we split the staff... [Read more]

Case Study 3

A one-office firm of 90 staff booked a Marketing Workshop session. The partners were well liked and did a good job of communicating with the team, but felt they wanted to involve the team more in marketing activities. The interactive session included breaking the staff into small teams to discuss various... [Read more]

Case Study 2

A one-office firm with about 70 people had a problem with client care standards and a lack of motivation by staff. We were invited to run two ‘Improving Client Care’ sessions with half the staff at each. The CPD sessions were aimed at helping staff to realise that their behaviour could change in... [Read more]

Case Study 1

A three-office firm of about 60 people was under pressure needing to increase margins and improve staff morale. Our facilitators took the four Partners through the unique Legal Mentors Premium Practice Planning process – a two-day exercise helping the Partners to agree their clear Strategic Plan... [Read more]