In-house CPD Courses

7 Ways to Increase Conveyacing Profitability (and probably more!)

Do you feel under pressure to cut your prices just to win new conveyancing work?
Many Solicitors need to improve profitability from domestic and commercial conveyancing work. Yet there are many ways to improve the profitability of your conveyancing work and win more clients.

The Course will qualify for 3 hours CPD and show you how your firm can improve the profitability of your conveyancing work and attract more instructions:

  • How to design a process for handling enquiries to improve conversion rates
  • How to improve client satisfaction in conveyancing
  • How to attract conveyancing work on better margins
  • How and when it is quite legitimate to charge more based on the circumstances of the client

Solicitors’ Receptionist/Telephonists course

Improve client satisfaction, conversion of prospective client enquiries into fee-earning work and enhance your firm’s reputation

This 2 hour course ensures your clients and prospective clients get the level of service they expect

Convert more enquiries into business

Discover how to capture many more new clients. A half-day workshop-style course for Partners / Managers / Directors

Transform Clients into ‘Fans’

Discover how to get clients to recommend your services to others and increase your fee income and margins. A half-day workshop-style course for Partners / Managers / Directors

Strategic Planning for Solicitors

Discover why it is vital to create a clear strategy for the Practice, aligning all areas of the business. A 1 hour ‘taster’ course for Partners / Directors

Securing your Future – Succession Planning

A workshop to help consider and agree the most appropriate future actions. 1 or 2 days with Partners / Directors

Creating your Strategic Plan

A fully participative, facilitated workshop to assist the Partners / Directors to create an agreed, powerful Strategic Plan for the business. Our unique process ensures participants’ full buy-in and commitment to clear objectives, actions and responsibilities. An initial 1 or 2 days planning process for Partners / Directors

Practice Strategy Implementation Programme

We help you with implementation to keep you moving forward and on-track to ensure achievement of your goals. Regular progress reviews and advice for Partners / Directors

Team buy-in and motivation

A workshop-style course designed to help you get the whole team committed to implementing the Strategic Plan. A half-day participative workshop with the whole firm

Outstanding Client Care

A tailored workshop-style course designed to help all members of staff realise how important client care is as a differentiator. Also how to measure and track client satisfaction levels. A half-day session for all members of the team

 These courses can be adapted to suit your Firm’s needs to involve other members of staff