How to have more control over your destiny in 2015

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Today’s ‘One Minute Tip’: 

How Planning can help you to make 2015 a more profitable year
Happy New Year
A new year, a new opportunity –  although none of us really knows what the next 12 months will bring.
Have you noticed that people who have a clear idea of what they want to achieve in life are more likely to succeed?

Equally, Partners in Law Firms with a clear strategy feel more in control,are able to make business decisions more easily and improve their profitability.

But Strategic Planning sounds pretty boring, right?


In reality, when approached properly, developing a clear, written Strategic Plan will turn out to be one of the most satisfying and energising processes you and your colleagues can ever undertake.

“If you haven’t a clear destination you cannot expect to take advantage of a fair wind!”

Whilst you could try to do this yourselves – it is likely you do not have the necessary expertise, and besides, there may just be too many legacy issues and too much politics in the practice to achieve an effective Plan without the assistance of skilled, impartial help.

So use a really experienced Strategic Planning service from people who specialise in this process for lawyers.

Result: you will feel more in control, make decisions more easily, be able pro-actively to manage your business with focus and direction toward the kind of activities and profits you really want.

Make 2014 the success you and your partner colleagues want and deserve. Your business is simply too important to you to leave to chance.

Today’s Tip:

Make a Strategic Plan for your business – A.SA.P.


PS. Now is the time to plan. The first 5 firms requesting our help will get a 30% Discount on Legal Mentors’ normal strategic planning fees.