Our Services

Services to help improve fee income and  profit margin include:

*  Converting more enquiries into profitable business

How to get prospective clients to choose you over the competition.

* Pricing, Fee Income growth, Profitability

Clients will often pay more if they understand better the value of your solution and services. Can you afford to continue to leave this income on the table?

*  Cross-selling/up-selling

Most firms tell us 1) this is their big opportunity and 2) they are failing to maximise their opportunities or properly look after their clients in this regard. Let us help you to improve your firm’s cross-selling.

*  Client Care, Client Satisfaction and Referrals

It is increasingly important to provide outstanding client service. Most firms feel they provide good service but the client experience suggests otherwise. We can help you gain more new business and fee income


*  ‘Mystery shopping’

Do you really know what it is like to deal with your firm? You might be surprised to learn that most firms do not handle enquiries from prospective clients very well and fail to gain their business. We can help you to convert more enquiries into fee paying work.


*  Practice Strategy Development Programme

  • Do you really have a clear Plan in writing for your firms strategy for the next 3-5 years to which all Partners are bought into and committed to implement?
  • It is essential you spend time working ON your business and not just IN your business.
  • Our proven facilitated Practice Strategy Planning process is inclusive of all Partners ensuring buy-in of the firm’s agreed strategic growth, focus and direction.
  • Implementation: We will then work with you to ensure the necessary actions are taken including any training that is required to keep you moving forward and on-track to achieve your goals and Objectives.
  • Team Buy-in and Motivation

*  Succession Planning

 It is essential to plan properly in advance for the appointment of new partners and known retirements. Candidates need not only to be good lawyers but need to develop all round management skills if they are truly to succeed in playing a positive part in the future success of the business. Our planning processes will help the owners to plan forward, to identify the right candidates and then equip them through a development programme.